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The BPI ROK Family Just Got Bigger

This week we are excited to announce three new additions to our office on The Parade.

13 September, 2018
Kicking Off New ABM Campaign in The City by the Bay

The beginning of August saw James and Sud take a trip to San Francisco to visit our clients at the US Loqate office. This was to get the ball rolling for our next big Account Based Marketing...

03 September, 2018
What can Sting tell us about authenticity?

What can Sting tell us about authenticity?

26 July, 2018
Failure is where we find growth. That’s my mindset!

Failure is perceived as a scary thought, no one wants failure, right!? This is our natural human reaction but it also comes down to mindset. We are all individuals and each of us has our own...

16 July, 2018
How rational was the last decision you made?

The fact is that we seldom use our rational brains when making every day decisions.

24 May, 2018
What can The Terminator teach us about AI?

What If? This question that is often answered in films, the outlet that lets the human brain and imagination run free so we can experience and see things that are deemed to be impossible in our...

24 April, 2018
Brands emphasising self-development and purpose win with Millennials


16 April, 2018
Why B2B Financial Service Companies Can Benefit From ABM

As a marketer who has worked in the financial industry for some years I can understand the challenge financial service companies face, none more than finding new and improved ways to grow their...

10 April, 2018
ABM Approaches: Manage Expectations

In my recent vlog, I spoke about Account Based Marketing (ABM) approaches, as I feel that people are trying to cut corners and take a mass marketing type approach. Now, this is fine, but don’t...

01 March, 2018
Where's the Beef? Comparative advertising at its best

The Wendy’s slogan was an immediate hit. It became part of mainstream pop culture, repeated on TV, in magazines, all over merchandise and even being referred to in the 1984 presidential election...

22 February, 2018
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