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Brands emphasising self-development and purpose win with Millennials


16 April, 2018
Where's the Beef? Comparative advertising at its best

The Wendy’s slogan was an immediate hit. It became part of mainstream pop culture, repeated on TV, in magazines, all over merchandise and even being referred to in the 1984 presidential election...

22 February, 2018
The Story Of Stories

Once upon a time, there was no internet. We lived with getting our stories from the television, the wireless (the radio to you), newspapers and from the bloke in the pub. Life was simpler in some...

12 January, 2018
Buyer Personas = Knowing Your Customers

How well do you know your customers? No, it’s not a trick question and every business will have an idea or think they know them like the back of their hands but with the IOT and millennials,...

09 January, 2018
British Army Advertising Moving With The Generation

Marketing is all about the audience and, therefore, has to change with the audience and with the times. This is the case with all great marketing and I have particularly noticed this with the...

20 December, 2017
Have A Merry Rokin' Christmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly, or as we say – tis’ the season to get Rokin'!

06 December, 2017
Spotify & Left vs. Right Brain Marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard of the left brain right brain concept. Psychologists and personality theorists have long discussed the divide in brain function with the logical, fact-focussed, analytical...

01 December, 2017
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