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Sudhir Kumar

I'm the Marketing Director at BPI. ROK, a marketing agency that specialises in helping brands grow through Account Based Marketing, the latest digital tactics and behavioural science.
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What can Sting tell us about authenticity?

What can Sting tell us about authenticity?

26 July, 2018
What can The Terminator teach us about AI?

What If? This question that is often answered in films, the outlet that lets the human brain and imagination run free so we can experience and see things that are deemed to be impossible in our...

24 April, 2018
Why B2B Financial Service Companies Can Benefit From ABM

As a marketer who has worked in the financial industry for some years I can understand the challenge financial service companies face, none more than finding new and improved ways to grow their...

10 April, 2018
ABM Approaches: Manage Expectations

In my recent vlog, I spoke about Account Based Marketing (ABM) approaches, as I feel that people are trying to cut corners and take a mass marketing type approach. Now, this is fine, but don’t...

01 March, 2018
Remove The Pain When It Comes To Shopping Cart Abandonment

For all of the Ecommerce family I feel your pain when it comes to cart abandonment, it’s a real pain isn’t it? 

12 February, 2018
Break Your Business Growth Plateau

Every business wants to grow and a steady growth curve is the ‘holy grail’.

02 February, 2018
Going The Distance: Why Does My Brain Love Rocky?

The BELL RINGS for the 15th and final round. They look like they’ve been in a war these two. 

16 January, 2018
Digital Transformation Means Talking To The Modern Buyer On Their Terms

Digital Transformation in my eyes is talking to the modern buyer on their terms. But what does this really mean? Well first off, we now live in a digital world which puts the buyer firmly in the...

10 January, 2018
Why Account Based Marketing Works For SaaS?

So why does it work for SaaS? Well, first of all, marketing SaaS is a tough job your marketing something that has no physical presence. On top of this you need to know the target audience that...

05 January, 2018
Increase your B2B revenue by aligning your sales & marketing

I’ve spoken about this in the past in my vlogs and blogs (Catch them here), but I can’t emphasise enough how the alignment of your sales and marketing teams is a must for any business. Now, I...

11 December, 2017
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