Design Thinking – the foundation of our work

Design Thinking – the foundation of our work.

What is design thinking?
Design Thinking is a Human-Centred approach we use to get an understanding of a client’s requirements by focusing on their customer’s unmet or unarticulated needs. We can then convert this into customer value and market opportunity.

Sam Porter, our Sales and Marketing Director’s mantra is ‘always start with the WHY’. This thinking gets to the heart of the matter – you need to find out why before you can put a pen to paper. Why do our customers buy from us? Why do they not?  Why are we special? Why are we doing this?

Understanding the pain
Most briefs we get, these days, are complex. They require a multichannel response that targets customers intuitively. Most people think that design is all about what something looks like. We disagree and think that it’s more about how it answers customer pain. It’s not problem focused; but rather about finding a solution. How it works, what it does and, yes, what it looks like.
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A very hot melting pot
At BPI.ROK design thinking melts together Science, Art and Design. These provide the cornerstone for everything we think of as HUMAN intelligence.
Science –to find things that are similar in a world full of things that are different
Art – looking for differences amongst things that appear similar
Design – to bring things together that are sometimes unimaginable.

Test and test again
What this means is that we use Design Thinking to work through a process of insight and research (understanding pain and needs) and, by having customer intimacy (a deep understanding of their problems), creating design that we can test and refine in the real world. We use fast prototyping for this. It gets results fast – good and bad and lets us test concepts in the lab. We can then get on with designing and creating with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the solution we need to deliver a competitive edge for our clients.

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