Brand Loyalty- For The Love Of Noodles

Brand Loyalty- For The Love Of Noodles

Posted at 09:23h in Branding by Eric Lu

Over the past 18 years I’ve seen a lot of changes…

– The portable CD player got replaced by the mp3 and now we have iTunes
– Mobile Phones were all the rage, with flip phones and Nokia’s great snake game. But the iPhone took care of them in 2007
– DVD’s were quickly replaced by Blu-Rays which you might as well use as coasters now, with the ability to stream so much online today
– Who else used to store photographs in albums or old shoe boxes? Now they are all saved on a hard drive or in the cloud
– The phone book! Who remembers that beast? A thing of the past with the internet
– Paying with cash, ok you still can, but paying with your watch is so much cooler

I could go on but let’s stop it there and yes, I’m old. If you hadn’t guessed, I’ve worked here at BPI ROK for 18 years because I love it, but that’s not my only love, oh no. I love Pot Noodles and that’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the past 18 years.

I’ve been eating the humble pot noodle for lunch for the last 18 years - if that’s not brand loyalty, I don’t know what is! My favourite flavour is Chicken and I’ve consumed roughly 7,000+ pots. So, what is it I love about the product and brand? Let me break it down for you below.

Pot_Noodle (1).jpg

As a designer, some key features that stand out for me are the logo. The pot noodle logo always has stood out against the dark green packaging with bright accents. This is one element of design they have always got right over the years, it allows the products to stand out on the shelfs and instantly attracts loyal shoppers like me.

The plastic pot itself is quite unique in terms of its shape and it feels stronger when you compare it to other brands. With the amount of pots I’ve gone through over the years I can’t recall a bad experience yet. It’s easy to handle and you can’t beat tipping the last bit into your mouth, lovely.

The aluminium foil lid keeps the noodles fresh and is a good way to make sure the noodles get that extra heat you need so they taste great.

This little gem is like sprinkling fresh parsley on to a curry, it makes the whole snack come alive and I love how it’s always on top, or am I just lucky.

Multipack Holder
This is a great little device you can re-use to carry your pot noodle, if it’s too hot. Our Kitchen is located on another floor so I always use this to carry my pot noodle, works a treat.

Yes, I have my favourite as mentioned earlier, but the brand never lets you down, they are always experimenting and bringing new flavours to keep our taste buds entertained. Everything from Peri-Peri to Christmas Dinner flavours. There is something for everyone.

With my job, I need something that’s quick and easy, not to mention warm. Sandwiches just don’t do it for me. Pot noodles are convenient to have whilst I’m working at my desk, with little waste and they really hit the spot.









An illustration of Eric, by Eric (He's camera shy). 

Sign Off
For a brand that has been going since 1979 you can see why. The product itself is quick and easy to make, so as mentioned the convenience factor is a big plus point that makes it such a popular product. They used this to their advantage in the past few years as the biggest change I saw was around the brand perception. Originally it was labelled as a lazy food for students and unhealthy. But, over the past two years they have proven why they are the UK number one pot stack by changing the perception to focus on the convenience so you can spend more time on things that matter like your career. As a result, they had a record output of 160 million pots. Now that’s impressive.

Overall, a lot has changed in the past 18 years but my love for pot noodles remains strong and so does the brand.


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