How Not To Drown In A Sea Of Content

How Not To Drown In A Sea Of Content

Posted at 09:00h in digital, agency by James Edwards

Do you know how many blog posts have been uploaded in the last 60 seconds?

I’ll tell you (to save you looking) - 1,388

And, to add to that;

Facebook users shared 2.5 million pieces of content

YouTube users uploaded 72 hours of new video content

Twitter users tweeted nearly 300,000 times

And Instagram users posted nearly 220,000 new photos

That’s quite a lot and verified by clicking update on your updates on your LinkedIn or your Facebook page. How then, do you can cut through this to be noticed?

From an ABM perspective, it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. But let’s start at the top.


People – i.e. your prospective customers are human. Therefore, they like stuff that interests them, they have emotions that can be stirred and egos that can be inflated. Problem is how much do you know about them and can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

The best way to start on this journey is to identify the customer you want to target. Let’s call him Steve Pastry and leave it at that. Steve works for Global Gluten Inc. and is in charge of the operations there. You need to speak to him. If you can speak to him you could sell him lots of Glute to add to his Gluten making process – you get the idea.


So, let’s see – this funnel is not like a normal marketing one. This one starts with 1 at the top; Steve.

We’ve identified Steve as the perfect customer for our lovely Glute. We can find lots out about him, what he reads, his pain points, and the stuff that bugs him about his production process. This will take a while, but think about it, if you know loads about what drives him; you can then craft some nice content that appeals to his particular tastes.

You’re now in procession of a great persona for Steve. So, let’s just digest this. A real understanding of this guy could then be used for other people who have similar job responsibilities (pains and needs). All of a sudden, you could have a target group rather than just one person – all with this persona. From this point on, the content you create will appeal to all of the people in this group. That’s fantastic as our funnel has now got wider.

Creating content for this target group may take skills that you don’t possess, but you can get a good agency for that. The content – focused on the ‘Steve’ target group will be written specifically to appeal to the pain and needs of the persona and a ‘sales play’ created to target them. This content could be in the form of blogs, e-books, infographics and vlogs.

Getting this out to the target group can be done via different channels – social, email, blog sites, but remember what we know about the persona Steve. If we did this job properly we’ll know where he looks for info and the sort of places he ‘hangs out’. This is where the funnel gets even wider and we want Steve to click and look at the content we’ve created for him.

When Steve clicks and views your content we want to get him excited about your Glute and turn him from a visitor to a lead. We want to talk about the 'why you do things' not the 'what you do' - but that's another story. This takes a fair amount of skill to get right and you’ll need specialist tools to help you track and respond accordingly.

When Steve gets turned into a lead; you can get to work nurturing him and getting him to buy Glute from you and not your competitors. This nurture process – we call it a work-flow – can be pre-determined and include a number of touchpoints to get him to the close.

After he becomes a delighted customer, buying large quantities of your Glute – you still need to make sure he’s happy and delighted and so, the nurturing process should continue.

This is where the funnel gets even wider. When Steve’s happy, he’ll be more likely to recommend your services to his colleagues and business partners. This is a great way to do business. But remember; the nurture never stops.

The sales bit at the end...

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