Buyer Personas = Knowing Your Customers

Buyer Personas = Knowing Your Customers

Posted at 09:50h in data-driven marketing by Camilla Hatherly

How well do you know your customers? No, it’s not a trick question and every business will have an idea or think they know them like the back of their hands but with the IOT and millennials, things are constantly changing. So, if you’re marketing to consumers and looking to get a better understanding of your customers, then buyer personas are a great way to ensure that you are reaching the right people with the right messages.

What is a Buyer Persona?

They are a fictional representation of characters that represent your target audience and they are used to give you a better understanding of your core customer group. Having a better understanding of your customers will allow you to maximise your ROI from your sales and marketing activity. 

In a nutshell they can help you get a better understanding about what your customers are:

  • Feeling
  • Thinking
  • Expecting
  • Concerned about
  • Believing
  • Hoping

How do I create one?

To create a buyer persona, you need to determine how many target customers your business has. No doubt you will have multiple buyer personas you sell too, but my advice would be to start small and expand as you start to differentiate between your various customer types. I would suggest creating no more than 5 as a basis to build upon over time.

You need to do your research, so pulling together as much information you can about each persona is the next step needed. Sources of information can include:

  • Website – How your customers find you and sources of traffic
  • Keywords – What keywords are your buyers using to find you or your service offering.
  • Articles – What can they tell you about your buyers and trends.
  • Internal – Speak to you internal employees like the sales team who will interact with your buyers.

 This should give you a solid foundation to start to build your personas. When trying to build your buyer personas you want to try and create a fictional representation of them, so take into account the following:

  • Demographics – age, gender, income level, education
  • Psychographics – attitudes, beliefs, personality
  • Why they bought your product – what's the primary purpose?
  • Where they bought your product – in a retail store, online, at a discounter
  • How your product is used – what functions are most important to them?
  • What solutions it provides – how does it enhance their life? What challenges does it solve?
  • Objections – why would they consider not buying it?
  • Communication preferences – is text the only way they communicate or do they prefer email or a phone call? 

This approach will help you create a  picture your ideal customers, so that you can talk directly to them about their wants and needs, and help them to see why your product is the perfect choice for them.


Buyer Persona Template

To help you create your buyer personas we have created a FREE buyer persona template to make life easier for you. You can download the FREE buyer persona template via the button below.

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