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Going The Distance: Why Does My Brain Love Rocky?

The BELL RINGS for the 15th and final round. They look like they’ve been in a war these two. 

16 January, 2018
The Story Of Stories

Once upon a time, there was no internet. We lived with getting our stories from the television, the wireless (the radio to you), newspapers and from the bloke in the pub. Life was simpler in some...

12 January, 2018
Digital Transformation Means Talking To The Modern Buyer On Their Terms

Digital Transformation in my eyes is talking to the modern buyer on their terms. But what does this really mean? Well first off, we now live in a digital world which puts the buyer firmly in the...

10 January, 2018
Buyer Personas = Knowing Your Customers

How well do you know your customers? No, it’s not a trick question and every business will have an idea or think they know them like the back of their hands but with the IOT and millennials,...

09 January, 2018
Why Account Based Marketing Works For SaaS?

So why does it work for SaaS? Well, first of all, marketing SaaS is a tough job your marketing something that has no physical presence. On top of this you need to know the target audience that...

05 January, 2018
How Not To Drown In A Sea Of Content

Do you know how many blog posts have been uploaded in the last 60 seconds?

05 January, 2018
Find Your Best Fit Client With An Ideal Customer Profile

When it comes to B2B lead generation, creating ideal customer profiles (ICP) is one of the most important things you can do. Why? Well, take into consideration how all sales teams hate chasing...

03 January, 2018
British Army Advertising Moving With The Generation

Marketing is all about the audience and, therefore, has to change with the audience and with the times. This is the case with all great marketing and I have particularly noticed this with the...

20 December, 2017
A great app partnership – BPI ROK & ZAPAYGO

In September this year, we started a journey with Zapaygo that would lead them to a new round of investment on Crowdcube.

13 December, 2017
Increase your B2B revenue by aligning your sales & marketing

I’ve spoken about this in the past in my vlogs and blogs (Catch them here), but I can’t emphasise enough how the alignment of your sales and marketing teams is a must for any business. Now, I...

11 December, 2017
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