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British Army Advertising Moving With The Generation

Marketing is all about the audience and, therefore, has to change with the audience and with the times. This is the case with all great marketing and I have particularly noticed this with the...

20 December, 2017
A great app partnership – BPI ROK & ZAPAYGO

In September this year, we started a journey with Zapaygo that would lead them to a new round of investment on Crowdcube.

13 December, 2017
Increase your B2B revenue by aligning your sales & marketing

I’ve spoken about this in the past in my vlogs and blogs (Catch them here), but I can’t emphasise enough how the alignment of your sales and marketing teams is a must for any business. Now, I...

11 December, 2017
The BPI ROK Team's Favourite Christmas Adverts

It’s that time of year again and we’re feeling especially festive in the office this year! We have put together a list of our favourite Christmas adverts over the years. From old classics, and...

07 December, 2017
Have A Merry Rokin' Christmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly, or as we say – tis’ the season to get Rokin'!

06 December, 2017
Spotify & Left vs. Right Brain Marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard of the left brain right brain concept. Psychologists and personality theorists have long discussed the divide in brain function with the logical, fact-focussed, analytical...

01 December, 2017
Movember- Hair Raising In Hereford

Our very own Jon Johnson has been getting all hairy for a good cause. Movember is a great foundation that raises awareness and funds for some of the biggest issues in men’s health. Jon joins the...

01 December, 2017
Always Start With The 'Why'

I’m an 80’s kid and proud, who wouldn’t be? I was exposed to Rocky, Michael Jackson, Euro 96, Princess Diana, Friends and the Walkman. Ok, I’m going to stop as it’s making me feel old, but you get...

01 December, 2017
BPI ROK Spreads Its Wings

At BPI ROK we’re proud to say that we are one of the Midlands longest standing marketing agencies, with offices in Leamington Spa, London, Lithuania.

01 December, 2017
A Brand Story For Our Human Side

When I met the Hayman family (father Christopher and son and daughter James and Miranda), one thing was clear; they were passionate about creating unique gins that had their roots dated back to...

01 December, 2017
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