Spotify & Left vs. Right Brain Marketing

Spotify & Left vs. Right Brain Marketing

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the left brain right brain concept. Psychologists and personality theorists have long discussed the divide in brain function with the logical, fact-focussed, analytical ‘left side’ and its emotional, creative, ‘right side’ counterpart.
There are endless marketing implications of this theory and the apparent divide in emotion-based and rationale-based marketing techniques.

Mix it up

However, modern marketers know that these two ideas are not mutually exclusive. Rather than thinking of these two ‘sides’ as separate, or even opposing, marketers need to fully appreciate the value of the synergy of both. The brain works in networks and most of these networks cross over, so appeal to one side over the other, and it’ll be ineffective or even harmful to your marketing campaign.

If marketers only appeal to intellect, consumers won’t be moved to engage and the USP won’t be effectively communicated. With the lack of an apparent USP, there will be far less captivation and your brand will be forgotten/lost in the crowd. On the other hand, if you only appeal to emotion, consumers may not trust the brand as it won’t appeal to their rational thinking, which is integral when convincing someone to eventually part with their money.



Spotify has access to a huge amount of consumer information and cleverly takes advantage of this big data in their marketing campaigns. Spotify’s ‘Thanks 2016, it’s been weird’ campaign is great example of creative and fact-focussed marketing, with inspiration coming from data-analysis.

Spotify’s chief marketing officer, Seth Farbman says “there has been some debate about whether big data is muting creativity in marketing, but we have turned that on its head, data inspires and gives insight into the emotion that people are expressing”.
Following the success of their 2016 campaign, Spotify wrap up this year with a similar feel.

Spotify-collage-1000x1000.jpgImage Ref: The Drum

Their ‘2018 Goals’ campaign uses data collected from the year to give tongue-in-cheek advice for the coming new year. The campaign will run in 18 markets and will feature over 70 artists.
Brands that take advantage of the logical and, most probably data-fuelled strategy to feed the creative side and vice versa are the ones that will be well-received. We believe that one cannot work without the other and we practice what we preach.

Here at BPI ROK we can’t preach this enough.

BPI agency, founded by James Edwards, has been practising ‘digital’ for over 22 years, with a focus on the left side of the brain- logical, analytical and sequential. ROK agency, founded by Aled Griffiths, was more right brain orientated, being creative, imaginative and free thinking.

Together the two agencies form BPI ROK and deliver a stronger, unique, customer-focussed offering with digital at the heart of what we do. Read more about our story on the Agency page of our website.

Do you need a strategy that’s ahead of time? With traditional marketing methods becoming less and less effective, we’re here to help. Why not come in for a free workshop session and let us help you map out your 2018 marketing plans?

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