The BPI ROK Team's Favourite Christmas Adverts

The BPI ROK Team's Favourite Christmas Adverts

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It’s that time of year again and we’re feeling especially festive in the office this year! We have put together a list of our favourite Christmas adverts over the years. From old classics, and chicken sacrifices to emotional, history rich stoires- here’s our ultimate list! What’s your favourite!?

Eric, Illustrator
Favourite Christmas Advert: Irn Bru Irn-Bru: Snowman (2007)
Why: It's a typical Christmas themed ad based on the most popular animation “The Snowman”. The familiar snowy theme and hand-drawn look and feel just bring you back to the 80s once again. Love the lyrics.

Sud, Marketing Director
Favourite Christmas Advert: Yellow Pages: Mistletoe (1992) 
Why: I remember this little tune! I love the fact that he had another use for that yellow pages book that every household had. And that he got a kiss- good lad!

Steve, Creative Director
Favourite Christmas Advert: John Lewis: Moz The Monster (2017)
Why: I am a big fan of Tim Burton and his ad has a strong Tim Burton feel for me. 

Camilla, Account Executive
Favourite Christmas Advert: BBC 1: The Supporting Act (2017)
Why: Great reminder that Christmas is the time for family, sharing and togetherness and putting everything else aside. So sweet!

James, Senior Account Manager
Favourite Christmas Advert: Sainsbury's: 1914 (2014)
Why: The advert was created to mark the centenary of the start of WW1 in 2014. They featured the famous story from WW1 of the Christmas Eve truce on the Western Front. After playing football together, a British soldier called Jim leaves a bar of chocolate in one of the German soldier’s pocket.

Some said that it wasn’t the right story to advertise the supermarket over Christmas but for me it encompassed everything that the festive season should be about – after all what better way is there to demonstrate Christmas is the season for sharing than two opposing sides coming together.

It was also the most-viewed advert in the UK with 16.9m views.


Stephen, Technical Director
Favourite Christmas Advert: Nando's: Sacrifice (2016)
Why: Don’t feel bad for the chicken, Christmas isn’t about the gifts it’s about the tasty sacrifice. 

George, Project Manager
Favourite Christmas Advert: Coca Cola: Holidays are Coming (1995)
Why: "Enough said". 

Rhoda, Office Manager
Favourite Christmas Advert: Marks & Spencer: Chirstmas with love from Mrs. Claus (2016)
Why: It's such a great, warming story and clearly no expense spared! 

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