Choosing the right tools for your customer’s digital journey

Choosing the right tools for your customer’s digital journey

In today’s market you need to be truly omni-channel. You need to have your customer ‘moments of truth’ in place and practiced. How do they interact with you? When are they most likely to engage and purchase? Does your product have the right sizzle at POS, to turn a shopper into a loyal customer? What happens when it goes wrong? How will you keep this customer happy? These are all things you’re likely to be doing already, but getting a system and tools to support this in a seamless, omni-channel journey can be tricky.

Getting the right strategy in place is a starting point, but we think that considering your customer’s journey should determine what kit you need to do the job. The products/service you offer and who you sell it to will change the decisions you’ll need to make about the tools and support needed. Have a look at the moments below and see if they change your perception of what’s needed.

Zero Moment of Truth. This is when the customer realises they have a need for a product and set about researching a potential purchase. This was created by Google, as they believe that every search for a product starts with them – they’re probably not far off the truth here.
Have you got all you need to get your content out there – blogs, social media, video reviews? Is the content searchable by Google and can it be shared easily?

First Moment of Truth. This is where people see your product and what they think/feel (see behavioural science) at the point of purchase. This moment is what converts them into customers, rather than just a browser/shopper. This can happen both on and offline and can determine whether they buy or not.

How are your products represented in store and on your pages (pricing, availability, cost to ship)? Are there reviews, customer stories, testimonials? Do they have questions that need to be answered before they decide to buy? How can you get them onto the phone? Can you do it online?

Second Moment of Truth. Now you have a customer who’s started using your brand. Their experience as a result, forms the basis of this – did it deliver the pre-purchase promises you made? If so, how can this be used to build a lasting relationship? The issue many marketers have is continuing to back up these promises post-sale and ensuring that they convert a one-off purchaser to into a brand fan.
Did you say thank you? Can you provide how to content and help guides? Can you encourage the customer to engage again – rather than one hit? Does your social help to facilitate this engagement? Or is it one way only – pushing out another post about how good you are?

Third Moment of Truth. Finally, your customer is a true fan and loves your brand. So now they are doing an advertising job for you by endorsing your brand – they could do this by going onto your social channels or website. We think that most customers are unlikely to do this of their volition – they’ll need a nudge. Getting them to contribute with content is the ultimate prize – showing other users how great the brand is and how pleased the customer is to use it.
What are you doing about your post-sale cooms? Is it automated? Is it personalised? Is it human? Can you provide a conduit for allowing feedback and reviews to be given? What do you do if you get a negative one?

The outcome of going through these moments is that there is a myriad of techniques and tactics based on a single objective – make your customer happy. When they’re happy – get them to tell other people about it. Providing the tools and support for this is paramount for sales growth. If you’re not doing it; someone else will be.

We’re an agency who likes to think about all of these aspects when advising clients what they need to create growth in their business. We’re technology agnostic – we don’t resell a particular system. We know many and we're happy to share this experience with you.

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